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Shipping Information

Thank you for using Gatlin Auction’s online event to further enhance your collection and/or assets. In order to make sure your item(s) are cared for properly, we will see the process through to the end ourselves rather than handing off to a third party. We trust that you will find in us the quality and professionalism that is necessary to make sure your purchases arrive to you safely.  With that in mind, please understand we are an auction company with multiple customers and clients at the same time; we are not a shipping company, but it is our intent to still provide to you excellent customer service.  All winning bidders from any of our online auction events will be invoiced and charged for their original purchase.  A second charge will then likely appear within a few days for the shipping and handling charges.  Estimated shipping and handling charges are below should you have any further questions. After we take possession of your item(s) from the auction we will prepare them for postal shipping.  We will contact you if necessary and give you the total due for handling, packaging and the postal shipping costs and will request your credit card information before we ship item(s) to you.  If you want your item(s) shipped on your freight account;  UPS, FedEx, etc. you will need to give us the freight account number that you want us to use.  If the item(s) you purchase will not fit in one of the below 3 box sizes, we may need to contact you with a quote for the associated costs.  Shipping cost will be added if not using your freight account number.  **Please note:  The 5% ($5 minimum) service fee is for the handling of your item to give you peace of mind it will arrive safely.  We are on site at these auctions and will immediately take possession of your item as soon as it is sold and care for it as if it were ours.  The package fee is a charge for the materials used to prepare your item(s) for shipment.  The postage fee is for the actual shipping service.** (Prices subject to change slightly due to postage rates, these are a best estimate only.)

Service and packaging fees for on-line auction buyers





5 1/2″ X 8 1/2″ X 1 1/2″



5% of purchase price, $5.00 minimum

11″ X 8 1/2″ X 5 1/2″



 5% of purchase price, $5.00 minimum

12″ X 12″ X 5 1/2″



 5% of purchase price, $5.00 minimum